3 tips to extend your durance when swimming freestyle

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Every freestyle beginner faces with short durance during swimming. My first time only last

20m, my legs a\were frozen, my heart bounced so fast, my breath couldn’t get enough oxygen. I kept pausing in the middle of the pool to get my self back in, relax legs muscles, then continued.  And, now, after 2500m of freestyle, I can finish the entire pool length, 50m, with no pause. They key to get that are

1. Well-prepare: warm up, have enough calories before, drink enough water before. these element is fundamental to every kind of exercise.
2. Grasp enough breath: to provide enough oxygen for your muscle, and prevent acid lactic, which makes you feel too tired to move.
3. Move efficiently: in freestyle, your leg is the engine to push you forward, make sure you move your legs with right technique (see in-depth guidance here), and my tips is don’t push to much with your arms, move your arms in a way that make you feel comfortable to breath, effortlessly, so that you can save more oxygen and energy for your legs.

That’s it, and always motivate yourself with powerful statement: “I’m almost there!”, “I can do it!”, simple but works so well. Because your best swimming coach is yourself!

My swim super short story:
I was a big fan of breaststroke for more than a decade. Though I know how to swim freestyle ten years ago, I could never finish my exercise with 100% freestyle. I was too tired, I grasped heavily.

A month ago, I went back to my swimming routine, once every two days. I was so proud of finishing 1000m with breaststroke. However, someone enlightened me with the benefits of freestyle, which out-weighted breaststroke, I decided to get out of my comfort zone, I decided to exercise only freestyle.