I once underrated the most worth-living city in the world…


Photo by Minh-Ha Le

… until I talked to somebody living there.

We had a debate. My most dreamed destination was New York (of course, everybody does, hands up, guys!) and insisted that I had no reason to visit Vancouver.

That person was like: “Vancouver is really beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.”, then backed up with some points about the beautiful scene or something. How cute was that! But when we went down the road of the conversation, I found out that young people have great possibility to develop and build their dreams with Vancouver at better cost.

Let’s get to know about this video. Why I chose this one but not other qualified HD time-lapse candidates (hey! I do sound like a recruiter). It’s all about the music match. Started with a break(-every-piece-of-)the-ice beat, the background music caught my full attention on watching. In the middle, there are some twists and unexpected rushing beats which pushed my heart’s run along. I love beats and this video knows me so well! Not to mention that there were a lot of people in it, a little crowded, vibrant yet exciting.

In the end, you love the place because of somebody.

Suddenly “Vancouver” becomes a good idea.