What to do near Shibuya station?


Eat, drink, sing, shop,… As long as you’re young at heart, this is your place.


1. Uogashi standing sushi bar

2013-07-27 11.52.59

Uogashi is a nation wide sushi chain,mostly found in big cities. Therefore, it makes a great sense of saving your pocket from luxury restaurants downtown. Sushi at a good price, standing worth?

As a Vietnamese, I never came back here because of digestion issue. My stomach didn’t work well standing while eating.


2. Gin fried chicken ball

2013-09-15 16.20.58

One of my favorite on-the-go snack downtown. I found others in Nagoya as well, but Shibuya made the snack’s name.  There are several types of sauce up to you, I got the brown chili one and satisfied with the blend.

Tips: collect stamps every purchase to get discount later.


3. Tapas Italian restaurant

2013-09-15 16.44.21

Japan loves Italian foods, and they cook it perfectly. The menu covers most of Italian signature dishes includes spaghetti, pizza, desserts. Must try the cream brulee.

Tips: Unlimited drinks for lunch time.


4.  Starbucks Tsutaya

2013-07-27 12.18.21

Simply because they own the best view of Shibuya crossroads.


5. Chun Shui Tang Daikanyama station

2013-10-10 19.32.45

It’s one station away from Shibuya station. I promise you the trip is worthy. This the most authentic Taiwanese bubble tea I could find in Japan. I have 2 bottles every single visit. I even took away and reserved in the fridge for next day. As a big fan of bubble tea, I just couldn’t get enough!



1. Hachiko gate, Shibuya train station

2013-07-27 11.35.47

Drinking on the pavements? I mean it, you can grab some bottles from nearby Family Mart and gather around the Hachiko dog, just like other boozers. Every weekends after 9pm, enjoy your party!

Tips: need bathroom, remember Starbucks Tsutaya, 5th floor for ladies and 3rd floor for both.


2. Womb

Four different floors, four lively beats. I used to lost my friends here, played hid and seek until we left in the morning due to those floors.

Tips: try your best to keep update with Womb’s Facebook fanpage, Line ID, website. They always have great entrance fee promotions informed.


3. The legendary Ageha

2013-09-23 04.16.42

If you read until this line, you must be one of us. Ok, let’s get to the biggest club in Japan. You can choose between train and bus. But at least, you must go there by bus, the Ageha bus, for free. Try to sit at the last seat row, prepare for the breath-taking view through the back glass.

Tips: bring your ID/passport, not only here but to every club in Japan. I used to sit outside Ageha until 3pm and got in luckily due to lack of passport.



Shibuya 109 (pronounce: Tokyu)

If you wonder about where youngsters got their style from, visit here! A typical girl set includes short skirt, crop top, loose socks and more. One tower for girls and one tower for boy, 3-minute walk between.