I realy hope this storm will vanish in the sea


Shedding tear praying, this moment reminds me of myself in summer of 2007. I watched “The Inconvenient truth” for the first time with tears and broken heart. I felt hurt seeing people hurt. I felt hurt seing the Earth going down. My heart has directed to Environmental Issues as my life endeavor since then.

I study Environmental Science. At the same time, I’m glad to understand how the Earth is working and I’m confused how it is with human short-sighted interference. In this situation, as much as I worry about the storm’s power, I wish there will be magical vanishment by the time it leaves the sea. Incident happens in nature, it’s natural. Proud to say thay I’m so spiritual scientist!

This storm is not a normal one. People must strongly hope in their lives and survival. There will be challenge, but our people will move on. I pray for your lives! I belive in your survival! Our people.