Love me? Don’t leave me!


I caught the last train from my dream land – Shibuya. Everything was still normal until I got off the train to go home. I saw the train ticket gate, I saw people walking by, I saw boozers lying on the floor, all over, I saw myself tipsy walking lonely.

I bursted into tears. Damn it! I really don’t wanna leave Tokyo. I started to feel nothing but missing and emptiness. I wept my tears everytime passing by strangers, shown my poker face as usual/as Tokyoites. I called back how I felt wondering around, drinking over night, watching streets over bus glass windows, closely getting on the last train, deeply breathing in the breezes, hurting my feets so bad due to high heels, shivering under the rain, smiling at good-looking strangers… 🙂

Out of the station, the wind was so strong and messed up my hair. So I tied my hair up first time in Japan. At the same time, I cried out like a kid, did not give a thing about what happened on the street.

I love Tokyo, madly and deeply! As Tokyo feels the same to me, he couldn’t hold himself from slightly shaking at the middle of OUR last night together.

Because having means being about to lose.