Don’t be single in Japan!


In another words, if you’re single, prepare to travel with a stainless heart.

Born and grown up urbanly, I arranged my trip to almost vibrant cities, not to mention such metropolitan like Tokyo and Osaka. In these cities, I always picked up crowded place with good foods. Most of the time, I travelled on my own.

But damn it! Even with that careful plan and detailed criterias (crowded, good foods), I still can not run away from Japan’s romance. My heart first melted when I walked in Universal Studio Japan in Osaka. Walking in that fairy-tale scene, listening to my really favorite music (updated Billboard), I felt so damn lonely despite hundreds of people around. I wanted to share this excitement right away with someone beside me: “I love this place!”, “This is my American dream!”, then hypotizingly sing along. In fact, I could not.

Second time was marked by breath-taking Yokohama Bay view. I was not alone but that person was not counted. Inheriting from Circus lyric by Britney Spears, in my opinion, there’s only two types of people in the world, the one that you can travel with and the one that you can not. Therefore, I kept being amazed by the view in my own way. I walked more slowly, widened my eyes, tasted salt in the breezes. When passing by a harbor restaurant, they played my lingering jazzy melody that I listen to every night, yet another dream. “Darling I wish you were here!”

Sapporo scored last but not least. Before arrival, I vaguely predicted that these single-sick may happen due to cool weather, fresh atmosphere and peacefulness everywhere. I don’t usually like mountain, this could be one among the reasons: we feel more lonesome up high. Bright blue sky was turning into twilight with 15 Celcius degrees, standing on the top of a mountain, listening to every breath of Sapporo, I told myself “Don’t ever be single in Japan, again!”

At least, don’t travel single here.