Filling suitcase or filling heart!


I’m packing to leave my internship in Yokohama. Though I’ve been aware this last day, I was busy preparing my presentation and speech. Being occupied covered almost emotional issues.
After my dream dinner at my favor-seeing restaurant, every day walked by but not entered before tonight, I come back home by myself, listen to the sound of silence. The moment arrives when I start recalling one by one person I met in my intern company. Heart skips beats because of amazing kindness I received.
Truely lost.
And I cry, first time in this country.
I miss their warm looks whenever we talked.
I miss their sincere smiles whenever we met.
I wish there were not Japanese for a while, so that I can hug them once.

“This is not the end
This is not the beginning
Just a voice like a riot
Rocking every revision
But you listen to the tone
And the violent rhythm
Though the words sound steady
Something emptys within em”

Do you have culture shock going abroad? I’ve never experienced one. But I always have a shock when leaving!