Video editing – Time lapse

I love watching videos so much that I have spent several year to obtain basic editing skills.
It started from high school, when I owned my first digital camera, which was actually an mp4 player and the definition is just around 5-8 MP. I loved it so much, brought it all along, captured friends in class, captured streets from inside a bus, capture sunrises and sunsets, captured foods and drinks, capture little handmade paper-crafts, and dozens of frames hanging out with friends. Though I can’t remember what was the first video I made, but I remembered using Windows Movie Maker, so beginner ha!

Go with the flow of technology, I search for more advance video editing software. I was really into motions and effects. 5-6 consecutive hours starring at the PC editing was usual for me (on weekends). Except dealing with After Effects, it often took me half a day. After that, I often felt hungry and got brain-freeze while waiting for rendering. Render sounds like forever! Sometimes I was too tired and just laid down for a refreshing nap.

No matter what software I apply, there is a process that I’ve created myself and kept on applying to every video. Root idea – suitable background music – shape the story with melody – insert frames – insert caption – customize effect – export – check – (export – check)*many-times. First step, brainstorming for the root idea provided me the source of excitement and inspiration to get things done. Therefore, I usually spent at least several days til several weeks until I feel excited enough with the new-born idea. Go!

Incidentally, this hobby brought me to my biggest passion until now, travelling. Then I fell in love with their combination, time lapse video of amazing places. I believe every destination is wonderful, but time lapse videos describe them best. I can’t count how many time lapse video got me breathless, skipped a heartbeat, yelled in excitement. They’ve soon become my greatest source of love and inspiration to go, to see those frames by my own eyes.

And create my own time lapse video. Mentally.