Saturdays in the Sun

2013-07-26 17.49.45

The first one was full-day of commuting, half day flying from midnight, half day walking til late. Even the transit flight was the first time I’ve ever been that far on a plane. Should I have more transit time and be allowed from immigrate law, I’d love to see this city at a glimpse. Of course, I’m addicted to metropolis cities.

Just have about 2 hours at the airport, no smart device, not have the mood for snack, while I spent almost an hour waiting for transit ticket @.@ felt so inefficient though enjoyed the Chinese-English accent of the airport staff. All I have was the Times 100 from my sisy. However, the gate I belong was too crowded and noisy to read. 2 minutes walked and I found the next peaceful gate, also better air-con, equipped with drinking water.

I did not write anything on next flight as habit. In stead, I drew a mental plan and was drown in excitement. Besides, physically, I was quite drown in lunch on the plane 🙂 ) found the man next seat tended to order the same drinks twice. Of course, people follow who got the taste.