Showering in the thunderstorm? No!


The more I grow up, the less I take shower in the rain.

Last Tuesday in Lang Biang is my 2nd time hiking and getting stuck in a thunderstorm. I couldn’t do anything without raincoat or umbrella. “This is it!”, I thought, after years of being heavy-rain-proof, I met the biggest one at a strange place. I was in a dense pine jungle, the thunders were right above my head and by my side, led every of negative thoughts come up. Singing Good Life while running down the hill, back to shelter, I desperately hope my shoes to stay strong on this rocky trail, and they did! Finally, thank you very much, Rain, I was terribly shivering for next 5 hours!

The 1st time took place in Taipei, Xian Qi Yen. It was better than what happened in Lang Biang as Taipei equipped this park quite well with many shelters and safe trail. I guess, Taiwan people must know how heavy and quick their rain could be. It took less than a minute for sunny weather becoming a thunderstorm. My umbrella was helpless, then I recommend you to bring a raincoat next time.

At the end, I’m not sure if every rain (or thunderstorm =.=!) is followed by a rainbow, but I fully enjoy the smell afterward, mixture of moisture soil and cool leaves and wet stuff, sure :)) Scientist found that this atmosphere is incredibly healthy as it contains a vast of anions, great for lung and brain.

As long as I have a companion at least, thunderstorm doesn’t matter.