I’m totally not a winter gal.


Proved by Ha Noi, Hong Kong and Da Lat.

In Hanoi, January (geez!), I was frozen to make any move. Esp allergic to water, touch it and my blood turned to ice. As a result, I caught a cold, throat hurted, could not speak properly for a half of the trip, mostly communicate in body language. Winter turned me into a silent puppet.

In Hong Kong, January (again!), I discover my potential of behaving like a bear. I spent a whole staying inside the blanket, not eating anything for 20 hours. The rain outside made the room become a giant fridge, ice-making component. With coats and blanket, I still couldn’t hide from shivering. One night, I went out buying a watch, came home with a rain. I hopped out at the wrong bus stop and had to walk around Tai Po Tsai to find a way home. I had no map, but great navigation nature worked this time. It was almost the darkest moment I experienced in Hong Kong.

In contrast of Ha Noi and Hong Kong, where the cold chased after me, in Da Lat, I enjoy chasing after the cold. Last time, I drank a big cup of icy (yes, I asked the shop for lots of ice!) bubble tea and played a Fast&Furious version at night, felt like all senses of coldness in body shutting down. This afternoon, I decided to ride a bicycle to a meeting place. Unfortunately, it was raining, and the place is up on the hill. Though I survived through that breezy rain, I was almost breathless when riding up hill. For every 10-15 meters of riding, I needed to stop and breath very shortly. Interestingly, I discover why we call “breath shortly” as “thở dốc”; in this case, “dốc” is a slope, just like going up hill.

At the end, warmth of many people I met compensated for every piece of cold wearther!