Where are you for a break?


Phuc Long Coffee & Tea is my place.

A rainy afternoon had wiped out every customer of this shop, let me arrive as the one and only. Minutes later, one staff turned Britney on. Me, high as… **** (high as Brit, come on!). Here comes a discussion between the staff:
– Today income is 23 million (VND).
– *sigh* How can we reach the daily goal!

Oh, back to the main reason why this is my favorite: view + taste. Sitting by the window, I can spot out hundreds of good-looking people per hour, highlighted by green shade during daytime and fancy light during night time. Taste, how can I describe? Good enough that I need to make one cup every morning, @ddicted.

While view and taste remain attractive, the customers light up my curiousity. This 3×4-squared-meters is cozy enough to hear every conversation around. Always a good reason to pay a visit.

When I like you so much, I’lI bring you here!