3 tips to extend your durance when swimming freestyle

Every freestyle beginner faces with short durance during swimming. My first time only last 20m, my legs a\were frozen, my heart bounced so fast, my breath couldn’t get enough oxygen. I kept pausing… Continue reading

Be with someone who travels

Be with someone who travels. He will follow his heart and chase his dreams. He will come back bearing photos and stories and a gift that reminded him of you while he was… Continue reading


I suppose not to think when driving. I suppose not to think when swimming. I suppose not to think before sleeping. However, in both three cases, I shed my tears for only one… Continue reading

I once underrated the most worth-living city in the world…

Photo by Minh-Ha Le … until I talked to somebody living there. We had a debate. My most dreamed destination was New York (of course, everybody does, hands up, guys!) and insisted that… Continue reading

Get sick while being away

Gotta see those smiles

Someone is waiting for me in… New York Berlin Tokyo Yokohama Osaka Sapporo Taipei Hong Kong Paris London Amsterdam Vancouver I’m on my way!

3 times marrying in Finland

If you live in Finland, it’s very likely that you will have 3 times marrying in your life: First, you’ll marry your first love. The purer it is, the easier it’ll be broken… Continue reading

Make it out this town

Somebody said that you totally fell in love when you was missing the one next to you. I’m missing my town. This happens while I’m driving. I make hypothesis about how much time… Continue reading

In love with water

Time to time, I earned the opportunities to be with water-surrounded places. Not only I feel at ease sensing a water body but also I greatly admire its characteristics. Taipei thunderstorms. Hualien rocky… Continue reading

Going it alone: 7 tips for successful solo travel

Going it alone: 7 tips for successful solo travel This beautifully written piece keeps me up night after night ♥ “I took my first trip alone, to Greece, at 22. I remember walking… Continue reading

What to do near Shibuya station?

    Eat, drink, sing, shop,… As long as you’re young at heart, this is your place. EAT – DRINK 1. Uogashi standing sushi bar Uogashi is a nation wide sushi chain,mostly found in big… Continue reading

I realy hope this storm will vanish in the sea

Shedding tear praying, this moment reminds me of myself in summer of 2007. I watched “The Inconvenient truth” for the first time with tears and broken heart. I felt hurt seeing people hurt.… Continue reading

Love me? Don’t leave me!

I caught the last train from my dream land – Shibuya. Everything was still normal until I got off the train to go home. I saw the train ticket gate, I saw people… Continue reading

Don’t be single in Japan!

In another words, if you’re single, prepare to travel with a stainless heart. Born and grown up urbanly, I arranged my trip to almost vibrant cities, not to mention such metropolitan like Tokyo… Continue reading

The best airport I’ve ever been to

Autumn 2013, The airport welcomed me with its most glorious sunset, pre-inform good time ahead.

Filling suitcase or filling heart!

I’m packing to leave my internship in Yokohama. Though I’ve been aware this last day, I was busy preparing my presentation and speech. Being occupied covered almost emotional issues. After my dream dinner… Continue reading

Fire to the beat

There’s a fire starting in my heart at 6:23 of this thrilling video! London has the craziest fireworks show I’ve ever seen. Did they steal every piece of fire in the world just… Continue reading

Video editing – Time lapse

I love watching videos so much that I have spent several year to obtain basic editing skills. It started from high school, when I owned my first digital camera, which was actually an… Continue reading

Saturdays in the Sun

The first one was full-day of commuting, half day flying from midnight, half day walking til late. Even the transit flight was the first time I’ve ever been that far on a plane.… Continue reading

30 Things To Do Before You Die

Most bucket lists include things like, “Go on an adventure in a far-off land,” “Learn a new language,“ or “Buy a dream car.” Although all these experiences can make our lives more exciting, the reason we crave… Continue reading

Showering in the thunderstorm? No!

The more I grow up, the less I take shower in the rain. Last Tuesday in Lang Biang is my 2nd time hiking and getting stuck in a thunderstorm. I couldn’t do anything… Continue reading

I’m totally not a winter gal.

Proved by Ha Noi, Hong Kong and Da Lat. In Hanoi, January (geez!), I was frozen to make any move. Esp allergic to water, touch it and my blood turned to ice. As… Continue reading

Where are you for a break?

Phuc Long Coffee & Tea is my place. A rainy afternoon had wiped out every customer of this shop, let me arrive as the one and only. Minutes later, one staff turned Britney… Continue reading

Don’t date a girl who travels

Don’t date a girl who travels. Travel is her current love. Perhaps you will share the number 1 position with travel but most likely you will be her second. Don’t date a girl… Continue reading

Date A Girl Who Travels

Date a girl who travels. Date a girl who would rather save up for out of town trips or day trips than buy new shoes or clothes. She may not look like a… Continue reading

Need help? Call!

Your network embraces your needs. Let them know. When I plan for a trip (yes, PLAN!), I always wonder if my network reaches the destination. Whom I can be hosted by? Whom I… Continue reading

Who’s waiting you at home?

I read somewhere that – one girl can never understand until she has her own dog. Regard to this topic, I’m so begginner! I just feel so warm seeing Gấu around shaking her… Continue reading

On the plane

What do you do when you’re on a plane? I have a Flying playlist, started from Good life – One Republic and followed by other country-reminding songs. I have a small notebook for… Continue reading

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